Letterpressed business cards bring craftsmen-like quality to life.

Working with craftsmen (and women) is one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs. When we have the opportunity to express a piece of the company culture through every aspect of the brand… we do. What better way to truly convey the creativity and hand-made quality of these true craftsmen (and women : ) than to incorporate the letter-press process for the identity.

The layered transparent inks printed on a thick, cottony, craft paper-like stock is tactile and intriguing upon presentation. The folded card allows for custom messages to be written when needed without compromising the integrity of the card design. The rendering of the brand with this process further expresses the company culture of craftsmen-like quality of Herb & Julee’s business.

Thank you Dock2Letterpress for helping to make our brand vision for H & J Builders a reality! www.dock2letterpress.com

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