A logo should not be designed by amateurs.

There are many people out there that believe that your nephew’s friend’s girlfriend who is taking an intro to graphic design class at the local community college will provide you exactly what you need to represent your business for your grand investment of $100. When the happy customer runs into problems with logo reproduction, client confusion and miscommunication, they think they got ripped off.

Here are just 5 out of an endless list of reasons why you should not leave your logo design up to amateur designers or worse yet… do it yourself!

1. You will lose money. You can be assured that the quality you get from hiring an amateur to create your image will be less than satisfying. With that you may be tempted to recreate your image every couple of years; continually receiving artwork that does not communicate, excite, or represent. This costs money in reprinting everything from marketing materials to the basics of stationery. Also, the public cannot be confident in a brand promise that is constantly changing therefore they do not buy and you lose money.

2. You will miscommunicate. The message you need to communicate will get muddled in rookie mistakes of bad typography, misformed illustrations and unbalanced artwork. The combination is a nightmare that says unprofessional, unreliable… and who knows what else! Nothing but your brand message should be conveyed in your brand and it should be conveyed clearly.

3. You will get lost in the mix. Brands created by amateurs tend to be trendy, generic and unrefined. There is nothing unique, witty or memorable about most amateur-created brands. You will not stand out against your competition, you will not make a positive impression and you will not gain the recognition you seek.

4. You will not be proud. If the brand doesn’t speak to you it certainly won’t speak to your potential buyers. You will find yourself always explaining the logo or making excuses for a business card that is “temporary.” A brand created by experts will so eloquently communicate your message that it will be hard to hide your pride and excitement for your brand. Because your brand is a proper reflection of your corporate personality, you will wear your logo proudly, living your brand message. If this doesn’t happen, then you need a new brand.

5. You will not excite your potential buyers. This is the largest letdown. When your brand is failing, you do not have an excited market. Your market does not recognize you and furthermore, does not recognize you as the best in your field. They are indifferent. That is a pool of potential buyers that is deciding not to buy.

The truth is, that a good brand is the only investment that builds equity the more you use it. A bad brand will only work against you. Your brand should be right from the start. It should be a fiscal and emotional investment. You should care, put effort into it, and expect to get a whole lot out of it over time.

Look out for next week’s post when I discuss things to look for when evaluating a logo design portfolio. Find out the characteristics that identify professional, expert communicators.

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