Add these accessories onto any package to increase your brand's visibility.

Our comprehensive Big Brand Packages are designed to ensure your business makes an impact with your potential customers.

We also offer a variety of accessories designed to complement our Big Brand Packages tailored to facilitate your marketing needs. From starting with the basics in your business name and tagline to expanding your website. Provide your potential customers with more than a logo. Give them a brand experience.

QR Code & Landing Page

QR Code & Landing Page_ Timeline: 2 weeks / Cost: $800

This is a QR code. They are scanned with Smart Phones. It makes your business card come alive with an online advertisement. We will create a QR Code, print it on your business card and direct it to a custom landing web page. The landing page can have content, streaming video, portfolio images, product shots, social media links, a contact form and/or a call to action button getting them to your more detailed website. With this, you will be able to pull stat reports on clicks and views associated with the QR Code. Here are some examples of landing pages… including our own!
Small Biz Big Brands | Benn Lobol | Taylor The Builders

* The perfect complement to Packages #1 and #3!

Additional File Formats

Additional File Formats_ Timeline: 2 days / Cost: $50

In addition to the file formats of your logo included in your branding package, these broaden your capability for enhanced reproduction capacity. Get all you could possibly need with: .AI, .GIF, .PNG, .PSD, and .TIF of your logo.


Tagline_ Timeline: 2 weeks / Cost: $1200 (Tagline + Naming for $2500)

A catchy and descriptive tagline provides your customers with a take-home message. Unifying The Image with The Message for increased staying power.


Naming_ Timeline: 2 weeks / Cost: $1500 (Tagline + Naming for $2500)

What’s in a name? Increased value, recognition, descriptiveness and identity are all important concepts to consider when thinking about what to name your business. We take all that we have learned from the Discovery Query™ and apply it to naming your business. We research available URLs, the competition, and potential conflicts. We present three naming options with explanations as well as available URLs.

PowerPoint® Pages

PowerPoint® Pages_ Timeline: 2 weeks / Cost: $50 per page

Your presentations are an essential part of your communications. Consistency and clarity are necessary for recognition and brand awareness. In addition to the PowerPoint® cover slide included in Big Brand Package #1 we will create extra pages using your new brand’s graphic components and information provided by you. Any photos used will be provided by you and any additional stock photography used will be billed separately.

E-mail Blast Service Set-Up

E-mail Blast Service Set-Up_ Timeline: 1 week & 30 minutes of training / Cost: $500

This accessory is the perfect complement to the “newsletter header” included in Big Brand Package #1. An e-mail newsletter is an impressive, and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your clients. The free service is a great way to keep contacts organized, follow anti-SPAM laws, create, send and track e-mail campaigns. This includes the creation of your account, upload of contacts list, creation of opt-in form, creation of e-mail campaign template and 30 minutes of training on the program. You will continue upkeep of the account once the project is complete.

Blog Site Set-Up

Blog Site Set-Up_ Timeline: 2 Weeks / Cost: $1000

We will create the blog using WordPress® leveraging the new brand aesthetics. We will initialize the account, register the domain and program the blog to your specifications and then teach you how to create a post! How easy could it be to start a professional forum for you to share your ideas and increase the chances of you being found for your expertise.

Tri-Fold Brochure

Tri-Fold Brochure_ Timeline: 2 Weeks / Cost: $1000

A tri-fold brochure will be created with the new graphic components and copy provided by you. Size and format will be determined when the specifications of the project message and target are discussed. Once artwork is presented and approved, printing options will be provided. The first printed order will be placed and billed separately.

Corporate Folder

Corporate Folder_ Timeline: 2 Weeks / Cost: $500

A corporate presentation folder for a variety of professional uses in business. A 9” x 12”, two-pocket folder will be created for your company with the new graphic components.  There will be slots included for a standard 3.5” x 2” business card on the right pocket. The design will be presented as a 2-Dimensional PDF. Once artwork is presented and approved, printing options will be discussed. The first printed order will be placed and billed separately.

Domain Research + Registration

Domain Research + Registration_ Timeline: 3 Days / Cost: $200 + $30 Per Domain

The more opportunity you provide your potential customers to find you, the better the chance you have at getting found! Most businesses will have a number of possible URLs that can be used for marketing and awareness purposes. If there is more than one URL that makes sense for your business, make sure you own it! URLs will be researched based on availability, your name, marketing message and/or tagline. A number of options will be provided. Use of the different URLs will be discussed upon purchase and you will be invoiced $30 yearly for each domain name.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting_ Timeline: 2 days / Cost: $120 yearly

Your e-mail and website need space on the Internet. This is the server where your information is stored. Five e-mail addresses with your URL are included.