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As the owner and partner of a credible, passionate, design studio, I would be remiss if I did not make a clear stand against and work to educate my readers on the horrible design contest fad that is sweeping the … Continue reading


Let me start by saying that not every business needs to have a presence on every social media. There needs to be strategic reasons for spending the time to engageĀ  the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr. In addition … Continue reading


So if you can’t DIY, then what do you do? Hire a professional. It can be a little intimidating trying to find a designer and brand strategist that you think can provide you with the quality work you deserve. It … Continue reading


A logo should not be designed by amateurs. There are many people out there that believe that your nephew’s friend’s girlfriend who is taking an intro to graphic design class at the local community college will provide you exactly what … Continue reading


One of the most elusive questions for a brand strategist and designer is: “What will the return on my investment be for my logo design or brand strategy?” I wish there was some proven formula that would allow me to … Continue reading