If you have questions about our Big Brand Packages, we have answers! If you are still unsure after reading our FAQ, give us a call! We’ll chat.

Q: Does this offer apply to any business?


No. This program is designed to provide small businesses with the high quality design that they might not otherwise be able to afford. In order to qualify for these packages your business must meet the following criteria:

  1. Employees < 10
  2. Annual revenue < $1,000,000

If your big business doesn’t apply, we can help! For a FREE 1-on-1 consultation and evaluation, email amanda@A3-Design.com

Q: We don’t even have a name or tagline! Can you help?


YES! If it has to do with your brand, we know just what to do. We become experts in your business and provide you with creative options that work! These are separate projects outside the scope of these packages. www.smallbizbigbrands.com/accessories

Q: We don’t have a blog or newsletter. Can you start one for me?


YES! Either can be added onto Big Brand Package #2 or #3. We will create and set up your new tools to help you stay connected to your customers. The once accounts are set up, all credentials are handed over with a 30 minutes of personal training.

Q: Are your hosting servers safe and secure?


We purchase domain names and hosting from companies that are reliable, versatile and secure. Our hosting partners have been an integral part of our service offer for over five years. They host a range of sites for big brands such as Starbucks, ABC, and Sony.

Q: What are my rights for using this logo? Will it be legally trademarked?


All usage rights of final approved design are granted to the client upon full payment. All rights to other options not chosen and all creative work leading up to the final approved design will remain with SmallBizBigBrands™.

All original artwork is trademarked ™ by the creator when he creates it. A state registered trademark ® is a high level of protection against any infringing uses of the mark and not included. Our team of experts will discuss these important options with you and make recommendations as needed.

Q: How do we know we’ll be happy?


We are proof of a small business’ potential. We count some very well-known big businesses among our satisfied customers. We treat every brand we work with as a big business and ensure that its marketing message is nationally competitive.

Check out some of our happy Small Biz Big Brand customers.

Need More?

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