A common misperception is that your website is your best marketing tool. Actually, it is your brand that does all the heavy lifting.

You have less than four seconds to capture a viewer’s attention online. This is why presenting a less than intriguing marketing message places you and your company at a severe disadvantage.

This package not only provides you with your professional brand and graphic components, it promotes your brand with a 5-page website and all you need to be found online.

Now, more than ever, the quality of communication reigns supreme. Make your stakeholders proud, motivate your employees and excite your customers. Let’s get started!

Logo + Brand Design


Turnaround 2–3 weeks

  • Competitive Analysis
  • 2 Logo Options
  • Revisions
  • Brand Color Palette
  • Brand Typeface Family
  • Logo Standards Guide
  • Pattern Creation
  • All Usage Rights!
  • EPS, PDF & JPG with Usage Instructions

Competitive Analysis_ We become experts on the goals, message, and personality of your business through our Brand Discovery Query™, designed to identify your unique brand differentiators.

Logo Options_ Every one of our logo designs starts with pencil and paper.  It is then digitally developed into a universal and timeless mark. Each logo is presented with complementing font and color palette selections.

Revisions Included_ Revisions, to your satisfaction, are included on the chosen logo design but historically not needed.

Brand Color Palette_ With a philosophy based in color theory and an acute awareness of trends and industry standards, we create your palette and provide PMS®, CMYK and RGB builds (the industry standard color formulas).

Logo Standards Guide (LSG)_ The 4-page LSG will provide you with easy reference and instruction for use. The LSG will outline the PMS®, CMYK and RGB builds (the industry standard color formulas) for your new color palette and the fonts suggested to speak your brand’s visual language with consistency. A physical and electronic LSG will be provided.

Web Design


Turnaround 4–6 weeks

  • Competitive Analysis
  • 5-Page Website
  • Content Management
  • Cross Links to Social Media Accounts
  • Customization
  • Web Image Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Testing

5-Page Website_ We create intuitive, functional, visually impactful websites. Typically, pages include Home, About, Services, Location, and Contact Us, but page names are customized for you.

Content Management_ Once the design and programming is in place for your site, we provide you with the online tools to edit the basic content of your site giving you the ability to keep your presence fresh, active, and relevant.

Search Engine Optimization_ We provide guidelines to identify your keywords. Once identified, the words will be implemented in the website coding.

Additional Web Pages_ Additional pages are priced per page with the total site not to exceed 12 static pages. If you think you need more, you might need a more robust solution… and we can do that too! Just give us a call to discuss.

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